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Kisa Mokichi

A little girl with the biggest imagination possible, I give people a 'WTF?' Look every time I say something. I have an IQ of 139 and people say I'm really smart. I like drawing and writing stories. I also program websites and I help my little sister with her homework. I have 2 cats, 2 dogs, and 2 African clawed frogs. I love my friends and even have a page about them. I have a crappy life and i still love it. I'm in 9th grade bitchez and its easy for me. I wish they'd let me skip a few grades. I eat about 3 tons of food a day but I'm as skinny as a toothpick. My eyes are an icky green even though my friends say they are beautiful. I like dark makeup and my classmates (I didn't say friends...) classify me as emo. I like to play double-dutch, and monopoly is a great game too. In Grand theft auto San Andreas, I like to shoot at peoples heads (AKA Head shot) and I also like to pick up ma hoes on the side of the road :P. My favorite food is Miso Noodles with soy sauce and rice. I also like curry and tacos and Starbursts. Check out the other pages too :P